Syam Log Books

SYAM is the best known brand of log books for electrical systems in the UK and our products have been used in tens of thousands of premises since our business started publishing log books in 2005.

Our products are stocked by electrical wholesalers & specialist fire and security distributors throughout the UK. 

Syam’s log books are compiled by engineers with experience, expertise and Competence.  UK fire safety legislation demands that anyone providing services for fire safety systems is able to demonstrate their Competence*, and this legal requirement extends to companies or individuals producing log books for fire safety systems such as fire alarms and emergency lighting.

Building owners and operators are not expected to be fire safety engineers, or fully understand the extent of the information they must record, and that is why UK fire safety legislation makes it the log book producer’s legal responsibility to be sufficiently Competent to know what is required in a log book to meet the relevant Standards.  

As trained and qualified fire and life safety system engineers, with Syam, you can be assured that we meet our legal obligations as a producer of log books for fire safety systems.

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